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The 54-year-old actor became acquainted with Oxman, who has been billed as "rock star" in the field of art, architecture and design, after he admired a line of her 3D-printed chaise lounges at the MIT."They got romantically involved almost right away," an insider told the magazine.LOS ANGELES: Jennifer Aniston may have been spending time with her close friends post her split from Justin Theroux, but the latter and Jen's first ex-husband, Brad Pitt, seems to have find someone in their respective lives.' Post divorce in February, Theroux is back in the news.The 46-year-old actor, according to Radar Online, has been sending "flirty texts" to Selena Gomez.Not all that long ago Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler were the best of friends.The relationship was irreparably damaged, however, when Aniston learned that Handler was sharing secrets about her personal life, and the former besties reportedly haven't spoken since.

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It's been three months since the world learned Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have separated, and while both parties claim the split was amicable, their behavior during that time tells a different story.

Despite frequent rumors that Aniston is back together with Brad Pitt, there's been no definitive indication that either party has moved on - and that might be by design.

While some are sad that the two thespians couldn't make things work, others want Jen to get back with ex Brad Pitt! YOU GUYS he was a cheating pig she is never going to get back together with him and no one should want her to!

"He was wearing black, black, black," she says, "and I started to sweat just looking at him."(That's much nicer than what the 46-year-old actress told Pop Sugar in 2012.

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"It was kind of an open secret that Justin was sweet on Selena when he and Jen hung out with her," Radar Online quoted a source as saying.

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